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What is WEISF?

Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework (WEISF) is a framework that provides subscribers with templates, national guidance and an email forum. There are a core management group of sector representatives that provide networking and support. WEISF is in place to support organisations from all sectors and levels of information maturity. WEISF has a transparent approach to information sharing with Information ​Sharing Protocols which are published on this portal. 


Partners across Essex have a history and experience of working together and this has influenced the way their information sharing community has developed over the last decade. This community is rooted in the Essex Trust Charter (ETC) and has expanded to the Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework’s (WEISF) current membership of organisations that include local authorities, Police and Fire & Rescue Services, health, schools, voluntary and community sector (VCS), housing and academic bodies. The framework provides this community with access to advice, guidance, good practice, networking and tools to support the development of local information sharing.

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What are the benefits?

As a subscriber to WEISF you will benefit from some of the following

  • A secure area on the website to obtain exclusive resources
  • Free entry to the WEISF annual conference
  • Engage with like-minded professionals from various sectors

For a full list of benefits, please read our benefits statement