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What is WEISF?


The Wider Eastern Information Stakeholder Forum (WEISF) is a partnership network focussed on how information sharing can be best achieved within the parameters of being legal, compliant and transparent, whilst providing benefits to both the citizen and the organisations involved in service provision.

The citizen is at the heart of the work that our partners are involved in and it is important to recognise the value of collaborative working.

  • How to make the citizen experience better through improved information sharing.

  • How to improve the strategic decision making when determining how budgets are spent on local services by using data gathered from the information sharing programmes such as Essex Data.

  • Engagement in research programmes with the University of Essex.

  • Understanding our roles and responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR).

  • Share knowledge and best practice via the Online Forum.

  • Having a standardised Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) template for all partners to use.

  • Publication of ISPs on the WEISF Portal.

  • Provision of templates, national guidance, horizon scanning and other resources.



Partners across and beyond Essex have a history and experience of working together and this has influenced the way their information sharing community has developed over the last decade. This community is rooted in the Essex Trust Charter (ETC) and has expanded to the Wider Eastern Information Stakeholder Forum's (WEISF) current membership of organisations that include local authorities, Police and Fire & Rescue Services, health, schools, voluntary and community sector (VCS), housing and academic bodies. The Forum provides this community with access to advice, guidance, good practice, networking and tools to support the development of local information sharing and good information governance.

For the full case study, please follow this link


What are the benefits?

As a subscriber to WEISF you will benefit from some of the following

Benefits of the partnership include:

- Online resources available through the portal

- Online collaboration space

- Publication of Information Sharing Protocols to meet the transparency requirements

- ISP review reminders to ensure protocols on the portal remain current

- Attendance at meetings

* Networking opportunity

* Training opportunities that may be free of charge or at reduced cost

* Focus groups to unblock challenges

WEISF provides significant benefits to members over and above those that could be achieved by partners meeting together as technical experts.


WEISF Meetings

WEISF meets bi-monthly to discuss key topics from both a strategic and IG professional point of view.

If you are a partner of WEISF and are interested in attending, please email us at

For dates of meetings please see Events and Meetings section where minutes for our last meeting are now available!