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What is WEISF and how do I join?

What is The Wider Eastern Information Stakeholder Forum (WEISF)? 

WEISF is a partnership network of information governance professionals supporting good information governance and best practice. It helps partners with GDPR compliance and transparency in data sharing. 

The partners work together to: 

  • Make the citizen experience better through improved information sharing 
  • Share knowledge and best practice via regular meetings 
  • Have a standardised Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) template for all partners to use 
  • Publish all ISPs on the WEISF Portal to meet our transparency obligations 
  • Provision of templates, national guidance and other resources 
  • Understand our roles and responsibilities under data protection and other information laws 
  • Inform strategic decision making 


The WEISF partners have a shared history of working together over previous decades. The first iteration was the Essex Trust Charter. This grew and reformed into the WEISF. Our current partners are from a range of sectors including: 

  • Local authorities 
  • Police and Fire & Rescue Services 
  • Health agencies 
  • Education (compulsory, further and higher) 
  • Voluntary & community services 
  • Housing 


What are the benefits? 

As a Partner to WEISF you will enjoy: 

  • Attendance at online meetings – these provide opportunities to network, share best practice, share learning and training, seek advice  
  • Online resources available through our Teams channel 
  • Publication of ISPs to meet the transparency requirements 
  • ISP review reminders to ensure protocols on the portal remain current 


How You Can Join 

We welcome any organisation who wishes to join WEISF.  To join, simply download the WEISF Agreement and email it to  On receipt we will contact you to advise how you can access resources and meetings.  

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above.  

Come and join our friendly group and enjoy the support membership can bring to you and your organisation. 

WEISF Agreement