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Information Sharing Protocols

An Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) is a set of common rules binding on all the organisations involved in an information sharing initiative. They are also known as Data Sharing Agreements (DSA) and Information Sharing Agreements (ISA).

The WEISF Partnership are working together to publish all Information Sharing Protocols for you to view here. The Protocol provides the purpose of the information sharing initiative, the organisations that will be involved in the information sharing, the information items to be shared and the basis for sharing.

Once the ISP has been signed by all partners involved, email it to to be published.

The list below shows the partners who are sharing and what ISPs are in place.

For reference also, please click this link for our WEISF partners - Organisation ISP approvers (title roles).



Growing Essex Economy​ (3)

Title Purpose Lead Organisation Other Organisations Involved Review date
VOA HMRC Information Sharing Protocol This ISP sets out the overarching arrangements for all information that is shared by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) with the Billing Authority. Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Braintree District Council Feb-2018
VOA HMRC Information Sharing Agreement This information Sharing Agreement sets out the specific information sharing arrangements for the sharing of information (as specified in section 4) by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) with the Billing Authority Valuation Office Agency (VOA) Braintree District Council Feb-2018
BEST Growth Hub Data Sharing Protocol This ISP is to facilitate the delivery and management of business support services to SMEs in the Essex, Southend and Thurrock area provided by South East Local Enterprise Partnership under the auspices of the BEST Growth Hub, supported by the Delivery Partners. Southend on Sea Borough Council Thurrock District Council May-2019

Health and Wellbeing (8)

Title Purpose Lead Organisation Other Organisations Involved Review date
Emotional Well-being And Mental Health Service ​To improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people, aged 0-18, and 0-25 for Special Educational Needs children.  The new service will be delivered as per the service specification Essex County Council North East London Foundation Trust, Southend Borough Council, Thurrock Council Jul-2018
Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme DSP ​The Authority will share personal data described at Section 7 of this Annex B to inform the recipient of the specific needs of the beneficiaries, and aid the ongoing resettlement planning. Home Office Oct-2018
Integrated Pre-Birth to 19 Health, Well-being and Family Support Services Supporting children, young people and their families from conception through birth, the early years and growing up will give all children the best opportunity to succeed. We want children and young people to thrive, be healthy, to have fun at school and while learning and make a positive contribution to throughout their lives. Essex County Council Virgin Care, Barnardos, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, CHUFT, MEHT, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Provide Mar-2018
3rd Party Access ISP This supports 3rd party access to the Essex County Council (ECC) Mosaic social care system to facilitate partnership working and delivery of commissioned services to ensure that any access to the system is lawful, necessary and appropriate. Essex County Council Essex Cares LTD (ECL), Essex Police, Action for Children, Barnardos, Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (EPUT), Westminster Drug Project, Department for Works & Pensions, Anglia Ruskin University, Capita Resourcing Limited Jan-2018
Access to the Child Health Information System for Safeguarding Purposes ECC Children & Families have statutory duties under the Children Act 1989 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Under Section 11 of that Act, ECC Children & Families are required to provide a mechanism for professionals, families and members of the community to express any safeguarding concerns they have for children and for these to be reviewed and decisions made by a qualified social worker about what action, if any, is necessary to safeguard or promote the welfare of that child. Essex County Council Provide, NHS England - Eastern Region Oct-2018
SET LeDeR Information Sharing Agreement The sharing of appropriate information between agencies about people with learning disabilities who have died is vital to identify if any learning could come from a review of their death that will lead to service improvements. The need for effective multi-agency working and information sharing in order to secure improved outcome is clearly stated in a number of reviews, policy documentation and statutory guidance. Learning Disabilities Morality Review (LeDeR) Partners from Health and Social Care organisations within Essex Mar-2018
New Born Data To regulate specific information sharing between Provide and Norfolk County Council (NCC) and its Children Centres to enable these organisations to perform their statutory duty under Sections 10 and 11 of the Childrens Act and is in keeping with the Government's Children's Centre Statutory Guidance. These sections require Children's Service Agencies to co-operate to improve the well-being of children and to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The information will be in relation to children within Norfolk: 1. to facilitate access for contact and notification of universal and targeted services available. 2. to support partnership working between health practitioners and Children's Centre staff. 3. to forecast school places by matching live birth data to catchment areas. 4. to evaluate the impact of children's centres on educational and health and wellbeing outcomes. Provide Norfolk County Council Feb-2019
Inside Out Programme - Commissioning Coaching for Children in Care To improve outcomes for children in care who are at risk of escalating to secure accommodation/ high cost residential packages by providing co-ordinated intensive support for the young person and their family. The aim is to facilitate return home or a step down in care wherever appropriate. Essex County Council The Children Society (TCS) - East Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) Aug-2019

Learning and Education (10)

Title Purpose Lead Organisation Other Organisations Involved Review date
Attendance Solutions To enable the EWS and Attendance Solutions Essex to securely provide regular updates to issue Penalty Notices in relation to non-school attendance on behalf of Essex Schools. Essex County Council NHS England Midlands & East Sep-2017
Education Planning To ensure that children in Essex receive the universal service of education, to which they are entitled. Essex County Council NHS England Midlands & East Oct-2017
School Penalty Notice for Non-Attendance To enable Aquinas to manage no-school attendance matters on behalf of the schools within Essex who commission their services. Essex County Council Education Welfare Advisory & Support Service (EWASS) Jan-2018
School Penalty Notice for Non-Attendance (Aquinas) To enable Aquinas to manage no-school attendance matters on behalf of the schools within Essex who commission their services. Essex County Council Aquinas Jan-2018
Client Caseload Information System (CCIS) Information Sharing Framework To effectively share information relating to young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Essex County Council Thurrock Unitary Authority, Southend Borough Council, Kent County Council, Medway, Royal Borough of Kingston, 15billion, East Sussex Jan-2019
Local Authority Data Sharing Agreement Twice Yearly Reports ​In order for Local Authorities to fulfil their duty, to encourage, enable or assist effective participation, the records must reflect the full learner picture Skills Funding Agency Nov-2017
Information Sharing Agreement with Education and Learning Services This Information Sharing Protocol sets out the overarching Information Sharing Principles between Essex County Council's and Essex Education learning providers in sharing data between the organisations. Essex County Council Sep-2017
Social Worker Productivity Project We will form a joint team of Essex CC colleagues and PA consultants to work for 10 consecutive days to deliver substantial insights about social worker productivity. We will focus the activities of the team on exploratory analytics using our many times tried and tested framework we call the Value Pyramid. PA Consulting Services Limited Essex County Council Nov-2017
Hertfordshire School Admissions Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) require data for a transfer from primary school to secondary school mail out. They require the information of current year 5 students who live in Hertfordshire but who attend a school in Essex. Once received, the data will be used to distribute information about Hertfordshire secondary schools open events. Essex County Council Hertfordshire County Council Aug-2019
Exhange of 16-19 Funded Provision Information The data and information shared from Department of Education will enable ECC to plan and conduct further analysis of the funded educational provision for 16-19 year olds in their area. Department of Education Essex County Council Jan-2019

Safer Community (6)

Title Purpose Lead Organisation Other Organisations Involved Review date
FGM To improve outcomes for children, young people and their families by ensuring they get the services they require.  To protect children and young people from suffering harm from abuse or neglect and to prevent them from offending. Essex County Council Barnardos Oct-2017
Troubled Families Programme The Expanded Troubled Families Programme aims to turn around the lives of families with multiple problems including crime, poor school attendance, anti-social behaviour, unemployment and domestic violence and abuse.​  Data sharing for the purpose of the evaluation of the Programme will significantly improve the evidence base, and improve understanding of whether this type of programme is effective in intervening with families. DCLG Essex County Council Dec-2022
DPaRS ISP ​By sharing, matching and modelling pseudonymised data, we expect to gain additional insight into the issue of school readiness in Vange that will inform commissioning interventions to support the community in improving outcomes in early years. Essex County Council Basildon Borough Council, Essex Police, University of Essex Nov-2017
ECC ISP - TCA To improve lives for vulnerable adults, children, young people and their families across Essex, delivering fiscal benefits and an increase in public value Essex County Council Basildon Borough Council, Essex Police, University of Essex Nov-2017
Safeguarding ISP The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the exchange of personal and sensitive information in the interests of protecting children, young people and adults from actual or potential harm and to ensure that when information is shared the legal means to do so exists. Essex County Council Please see appendix D for full list of signatories May-2018
Basildon Community Safety Partnership ISP This information sharing protocol aims to facilitate the transparent exchange of crime and disorder data that is necessary, relevant, and proportionate and within the existing legislative information sharing framework between all signatory partners within the Basildon Community Safety Partnership. Basildon Borough Council Essex Police, Essex Community Rehabilitation Co , National Probation Service, Essex CC, Essex Fire & Rescue Service, Basildon & Brentwood Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Nov-2018