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What is WEISF and what benefits are there for me?

Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework (WEISF) is a framework that provides partners with templates, national guidance and an email forum. There are a core management group of sector representatives that provide networking and support. WEISF is in place to support organisations from all sectors and levels of information maturity. WEISF has a transparent approach to information sharing with Informaton ​Sharing Protocols which are published on the portal. 

Sign up to WEISF if you're not already a partner.

Join partners from;

  • Local Authorities
  • NHS
  • Essex Police
  • Essex Fire and Rescue
  • Academia
  • Third Sector
  • Private Sector
Sign up to WEISF if you don't want to miss out on the benefits of the Framework and Partner Network - email your application to weisf@essex.gov.uk


The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect our service users confidentiality

As a partner of the Whole Essex Information Sharing Framework you agree to:
  • Actively promote the sharing of information through this Framework.
  • Ensure all personnel are appropriately trained in Information Sharing.
  • Ensure all individuals' understanding of how their data is used.
  • Ensure appropriate consent is obtained to give organsiations permission to share.
  • Develop standard processes for managing information to support collaborative working and security of information.
  • Ensure fair and appropriate use of individual's data and protect against unlawful disclosure.
  • Continually improve the Framework to meet the needs of partners and Essex citizens.
  • Develop shared legal and technical standards for information sharing.

Find out how organisations in Essex provide services and improve outcomes for
citizens through a combined sharing framework.
There has been a growing need for organisations to work together to provide
services for citizens in the county.  This in turn created the need to share information.
To underpin this work it was recognised that appropriate governance was essential
and all partners of WEISF sign up to work to the agreed framework and associated
WEISF partners will publish all Information Sharing Protocols on this site. 
You will be able to find out what information is shared, what purpose it is used for,
which organisations are involved and how they will share the information.
Partners can find resources to help with:
  • Asset registers
  • Privacy Notices
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
There is an Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) template for all partners to use. 
Check the current list of ISPs​ to see what others are doing. 
The Greater Essex Information Strategy (GEIS).  The strategy identifies four aspects
of collaboration that represent a development towards genuine partnership working.
  1. Developing the network
  2. Establishing common approaches
  3. Agreeing standards
  4. Resource sharing
WEISF will act as a supporting mechanism providing partners with a toolkit of resources
and a network of experience.  For more information see below: