ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017

                SAVE THE DATE - 13/09/2017


The WEISF team are back for our second Annual Conference. We hope that you will join us again for an exciting day with workshops, guest speakers and information stands. The conference is open to Information Professionals and representatives from all sectors with an interest in Information Sharing and Partnership Working. The conference will enable networking with professionals from cross sector organisations and Cross County Boundaries

For more information about WEISF read our Case Study written by the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing.

What is new this year?

1.     The venue: Anglia Ruskin University

2.     Longer workshops: a choice of 2 workshops (tell us your preference and we will try to accommodate you)

3.     Speakers Corner: an idea that we have borrowed from the ICO Conference

4.     More information stands: visit them during the break and lunchtime

5.     AND the General Data Protection Regulation is the underlying theme

*Tickets per organisation will be limited to ensure as many organisations as possible have the opportunity to attend.  As a result, if we receive too many requests from one organisation we may have to decline some tickets in order to ensure fair access to this conference for all agencies.                                       



              TO BE ANNOUNCED


WORKSHOPS - You will be allocated 2 from your preferences.

1.    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness

2.    Information sharing in practice

3.    New conditions under GDPR - what does this mean for information sharing?

4.    Cyber Security

5.    Strategic support for information sharing